Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I hire a Pro Makeup Artist for my wedding?

A: Hiring a Pro that specializes in Bridal is absolutely worth the time and investment! A Pro Bridal Artist has the education and experience to help you feel at ease every step of the way (and let's face it brides - you have a lot on your plate planning a wedding!)  From timelines, to working with stylists, photographers as well as your wedding party… girl… we got you! Talk about making this a stress free and extremely fun time!! A Pro also knows and understands how different wedding makeup is vs. every day makeup. There is a big distinction! From yearly trends, to knowing and working with the most beautiful luxury lines out there, their time, expertise and talent is a worthwhile investment!

Q: I don't wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis.... should I still hire a professional for my wedding?

A: A great question and absolutely.  One way to think about it is that you don't get married every day. This is a special time.  If you typically don't wear a lot of makeup, would you be comfortable doing your own on the

biggest day of your life? Please know that you don’t have to wear a lot of makeup on your wedding day to look beautiful, it just needs to be applied correctly and with the appropriate products. It's so important that your makeup lasts, looks great in photographs, makes you feel beautiful and is applied flawlessly!

Q: What’s the difference between “bridal makeup” and “everyday makeup”?

A: Bridal makeup is different from every day makeup because (let's face it!) you don't get married every day! Your bridal makeup needs to look stunning in person and photograph beautifully, as well as hold up for the 12-14 hours you'll be wearing it. Every day makeup is not built to do exactly this, and a pro artist will know the brands, makeup styles, and application process to achieve all of this!

Q: Many brides choose to wear false eyelashes on their wedding day. Do you recommend this? Why or why not?

A: This truly is a question of preference; lashes can really help enhance even the most natural bridal makeup. For that fact I do highly recommend lashes for most brides (and bridesmaids!). It's always worth trying them at your trial to see what you think and it's easy to make a decision after that!

Q: Is it worth it to do airbrush?

A:  100% yes! It is absolutely worth the investment.  Airbrush is a beautiful lightweight and luminous foundation that is meant to be 12 hour + wear. Because of how it's applied it's meant to take the "wear and tear" of a wedding day.  Unlike traditional makeup, Airbrushing feels completely weightless on your skin, gives complete flawless coverage, and photograph's beautifully. I've had brides sleep in their makeup and wake up still looking flawless the next day!

Q: What should a bride do if she’s having trouble deciding on her wedding day look?

A: She should take a deep breath and relax! Bridal makeup should be a totally fun and exciting experience!  If you choose an artist you feel you can connect with, they process will so enjoyable and they will be able to help create something that truly fits your personality.  Quite simply:  makeup should reflect you and how you want to feel on that special day, and it's the artists job to bring that to life!

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