All Hail The Power of Blush!

Ladies! I have a short but sweet little blog for y’all this week! Behold the power of blush! Blush is such an important and fun part to your makeup application. It brings life and warmth back into your face and is so dang pretty! I’ve been working with some wonderful clients lately who don’t typically wear blush and have been IN LOVE with the results when we’ve used it. Let’s briefly chat about picking the perfect shade of blush (based on your skin tone) and the quick differences between a powder, cream and a liquid / gel formula. I’m telling you right now, a cream or liquid blush could be your new favorite this spring!

When choosing your perfect blush shade – pick one that compliments your skin tone! Think about it this way…what color do you see on your skin if you were to actually blush?! Let’s break this down a little further:

Fair to light skin tones: Petal or pale pink is lovely on fair / light skin with cool (pink or blue) undertones. If you have warm fair/light skin (with yellow or golden undertones), I’d recommend a peach shade.

Medium skin tones: If you have cool medium undertone berry shades will be your best friend. If you have golden undertones, choose a warm apricot toned blush.

Olive skin tones: Rose is the perfect neutral shade for most olive complexions.

Dark skin tones: If you have cool toned dark skin, try a raisin or deep berry shade. Tangerine or brick hues look fabulous against dark skin with more of a golden undertone.

Here are a few key differences in formula’s and the skin types they work best on:

Powder Blush:

Powder blush pretty much speaks for itself and is the most common type available. It can come in a pressed compact and sometimes in a loose powder format. They are easy to apply and blend, and a great option if you have normal to oily skin!

Product Recommendation: KLASS Cosmetics Eternity Mineral Blush (Use offer code AMY to receive 10% off your order today!)

Cream Blush:

While cream blush can be best for dry skin, it is flattering for pretty much all skin types. Creams can come in a pot or stick making them easy to travel with, and once you are used to working with the formula, so easy and fun to blend to play with! They can be longer lasting than powders and they tend to stay truer to their intended color. Most formulas are smooth and velvety which gives the skin a dewy and fresh looking flush!

Product Recommendation: Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Last Looks Blush

Liquid/Gel Blush:

Liquids can range from stains to more full-bodied, almost sticky consistencies. The cool part is that they bring almost a a lit-from-within, long-lasting flush to your face. Gel blushes can be solid (like a stick) or have a thick liquid-y consistency. Both are great for normal and dry skin types and look more natural on the skin. They are longer lasting than powders and tend to stay truer to their intended color when applied. Gels also typically won’t fade out on more oily complexions.

Product Recommendation: Glossier Cloud Paints

Drum roll please…. Here are 5 reasons why incorporating a cream or liquid blush into your life will change up your makeup game forever!

1. They are multi-purpose! You can use them on your cheeks, eyes and lips! Great way to maximize your purchase!

2. They help promote a natural ‘glow from within’ look that’s perfect for summer!

3. You can mix and match colors together to create your very own shade

4. They have amazing staying power, so you don’t have to worry about re-application throughout the day.

5. Cream/Liquid blush is a perfect and easy step to change up your makeup routine and have some fun!

Questions? Looking for a specific recommendation? Contact me today!

Enjoy all the blushy goodness!



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