How Booking A Pro Bridal Artist Can Take Your Wedding from Fab to Fabulous!

Hi everyone! Welcome back! This one is for all you amazing future brides out there. As we quickly jump into the 2019 wedding season, let’s talk Bridal Makeup. While booking all your vendors can feel overwhelming, my hope is when you’re looking for your Makeup Artist, that it’s an absolute blast! Consider this blog (and me!) to be your guide…. your light at the end of the tunnel! Being a Pro Artist myself and focused on the Bridal Industry… I have lots to share. But today, I’m going to keep it to two areas: first – why it’s worth hiring a Pro and second when it’s best to book.

Let’s kick it off! Hooray you’re engaged! Time to pop some bubbly and celebrate! Let’s face it… you don’t get married every day… and this is the prime opportunity to go all out and pamper yourself! Girl, don’t you deserve it?

I’m going to be bold and flat out say that you should hire a Pro to do your wedding makeup, hands down. While that may sound self-serving (being a pro myself), I’ve been on both sides of the chair – it is totally worth it. Now, when I say a Pro… I don’t mean a friend of a friend who watched a You Tube tutorial (if you do decide to go that route, no harm no foul, that’s your call!). A Pro has the education and experience to help you feel at ease every step of the way through this process. From yearly wedding trends, to timelines, to working with stylists, photographers, as well as your bridal party; bride to be – this is our jam! It’s what we live and breathe, and we take it seriously. We know what luxury brands work best and photograph beautifully; and most importantly, we got your back! Talk about making this a stress free and extremely fun time for you! I can honestly say, knowing that my brides are thrilled with their makeup and feel so beautiful on their big day, makes it all worthwhile for me (and many Pro’s out there)!

Some of the best ways to find your Beauty Pro’s are utilizing sites like The Knot (, Wedding Wire, Google local artists, etc. Look at pictures, read the reviews, see what truly speaks to you. Does the makeup you see on their page reflect how you want to look? Get recommendations from other brides and don’t be afraid or hesitant to reach out. Frankly this makeup artist loves chatting on the phone, setting up a Zoom call, or heck, even meeting for coffee with prospective brides! It’s important to get a feel for the Makeup Artist you’ll be working with, and that you’re comfortable and happy with who you’re hiring! You meet and talk to your photographer, check out your venue in person, chat with your florist, etc, so why not your Makeup Artist?

When to book is a huge question and one I get asked about a lot. I’ll be honest: Pro Bridal Artists are starting to get booked out earlier and earlier for weddings. Personally, I’m getting inquiries ranging from 3 months to over a year out. The challenging part is the longer you wait to book, the less chance there is that the Artist you want will be available.

The best recommendation is to explore your options right away (I’d put it up there with finding your venue, caterer, flowers, hair stylist etc). That might seem extreme but imagine being 2-3 months out from your big day, and you can’t find an artist because so many are already booked – yikes! If you find an Artist you love, they’re available, find out what their booking process is and just go for it, you’ll be happy you did. The moral of the story, book early, and you just may have the artist of your dreams there for your big day!

Speaking of timing and bookings… 2020 is going to be a very popular year to get married. Just as a friendly heads up: if you are engaged and getting married sometime in 2020 (especially during prime wedding season May – October), I would highly recommend booking your vendors early!! That includes makeup!!

Future brides, friends… I could go on… and on…. But I’m going to put a pin in this one and say until next time!! Happy booking and happy makeup! While booking early works to your advantage (and alleviates stress!), don’t forget to have fun, celebrate all the amazing things to come and enjoy!

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