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Hello all! Happy February and welcome to the Blog! I’m so excited to exercise this part of my creativity and hopefully add some brilliant fun to your day! This blog will be all things makeup, bridal, fashion, life… and probably horses (let’s face it, I can’t myself!).

For those that know me – thank you for following along! For all you new subscribers – welcome and thanks! I thought I’d start at the beginning… and just as an fyi – I write as I talk… which is wordy 😊

So let’s get personal, shall we? I’ve had a little down time the past couple of weeks to think and reflect. The whole idea of the road less traveled and a life fully lived… I’m in my mid 30’s and I think I finally get it (or am starting to get it). Who knew living happy could be so much… fun?

Professionally, my past was like many others, I found a good job at good company. I worked my way up the ladder because that’s what you did. And I worked… A LOT. I was stressed out constantly…and while I loved my co-workers dearly, I was always asking myself why am I still here. Here’s your answer: I stayed because I didn’t think I could do anything else… Where would I go? What would I do? I stayed out of fear. Fear of change, fear of not being good enough and not having what it takes to be fully me and let that woman out into the world.

The Universe has a way of answering you whether you like it or not. When pushed you have to decide, no matter how scary things may be… I decided… After parting from the company I had been with for 10 years, I went back to school and started my own business as a Makeup Artist in the summer of 2016 (after a lifetime love of makeup and fashion, it seemed an exciting next step). I cannot tell you how terrified I was; fear is not an emotion I deal well with (nor do many others!), and the support of my family and friends was paramount during this time (and still is!). It’s not been easy. Being your own boss and being solely responsible for every piece of your existence is not for the faint of heart. Here’s what I will say: I did it. I have been more happy, peaceful, fulfilled, resolved and joyful since starting this new part of my life… and there is so much more to do.

Everything good happens on the other side of fear… and it’s a daily effort to push through. But we are all braver and stronger than we know and can get to that other side. We are all happy stories in the making… it’s right there for the taking… if you just take that one more step…

Please know that my story is not unique, nor is it special… my hope is that someone who needs to hear these words will read it, and feel like they can take that step forward in their life… towards happiness! Give me a shout out if you agree!

Wishing everyone a beautiful week! See you soon!

Xo, Amy

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